Good quality content is key in internet communication. in modern world at least english is bare minimum of international languages You shall be using. Teoreticaly everybody speeks english.

Well, this is not exactly truth. As experience proves, not everybody is comfortable with english well enough. Plenty of people simply doesnt know english good enought to feel completely natural and comfortable with it, there are also history or school based emotional detachments from english. Its not your fault, this is how it is.

If you want to reach international publicity, best is to speak well in they native language, yet taking in consideration translation on every possible language might be harsh task, machine translating being a great first step might also brings some errors, frustrations, negative user experience. From just common of small mistranslations here and there to completely non understable reading, that doesnt make much sense. Especially if one can not escape to original content, because website redirects back to horrible machine translation. then surely one leaves website quickly.

If you need help with making translation that actualy converts into action, let me know, I will be glad to help you.
I will audit your website, and help to find the right linguist team to correct & proof Your content, Target to the right audience and A/B test it.

Writing a good translation demands not only great skill in language itselt.
It demand knowledge about marketing&sales, consciousness of good SEO (search engine optimization) practices, and understanding of your brand.

How you speak, this is also your brand, remember that.

There are small diferences between translated texts. In different languages we have different model thinking. at the same thing we look slightly different. It is not so bad when you make direct translation, yet is wonderful when you know this small vibes, feels and tastes, that may attract or discourage your client in specific language.

Its also good to make keyword research for target languages before attempting to action, different language, different keywords, different volumes. Let the clients find you, use words they are actualy looking for.

If you will need advice or help about SEO approach toward your content, let me know, we will look into it together. We can work together on your project.