Search Engine Opimisation

Be exactly there, where They are looking for.

Let them find You. Exaclty when they are looking for.

Don’t be selfish to only write about Yourself. Provide Your Clients with the content, that is valueable to them. do you remember what were last searches You made? What is Your Client searching for, right now?

Compete with millions

There millions of websites like yours out there. to be found, your website have to be the BEST ONE. SEO is the methodology to create highest quality websites.

The quality that people are fooking for.

how what where when? what is the question?

The Secret of Success

Search Engines are allways created for users and with user in mind. That means they try to provide the best, qualitative content from the best, and most reliable source.
To rank high, You need to be good, and You need to be trustworthy. that means good:


Rich keywords shall be useful to the user, stuff value in between 😉
Write useful things, and write a lot when is needed. Provide content Your Clients are looking for.


Well optimised image worth more than a 1000 words.
Put on the right place, a good photo, in the right size, format, lightweight, with title and alternative description. 


Everybody hates slow and non-responsive websites.
Take care of your users experience. If everything load fast and work smooth, Clients trust more and buy more willingly.


Use of right technologies, following best practices, right optimisation provides right experience to the user.
Good quality of code also provide strong clue to Search Engines that you are proffesional, and you know what you are doing.

Get rid of trash

make space for value,

just let it breathe.

Important part of optimization is to remove everything unnecessary, everything that decrease value, everything redundant.
This way everything important gets more attention, load faster. feels and works better.

do you give chance to slowly loading pages?

You are not even getting there, Google serves faster websites first. lets make your rapid website spitfire fast.

make backups
manage cache

Adding stuff is easy, before you start removing, do backup.
Actualy, before whatever You do, make backups.

minify everything

Removing every unnecessary bit will make everything faster, loading time, rendering time, client convertions. But, well, keep balance in it. or at least keep backups.
more low-level you go, faster things are, but harder to change them in future.

clean assets

Clean code, no duplicates, no unused code, no unused icons in your internet font file, compressed images, compresed css, js, optimized database. no inlined trash code,
this things will make for fast website, faster websites get more clients.

SEO optimize Your Website.

Get more Clients, encourage engagement.

make sure google crawler bot understand you!

so it can share with others

Search Engines try to understand your intent. when asking question they compare milions of possible choices to provide with the answer most relevant to you. its not an easy task. they do it in several ways.

Keywords elixir

The word keywords is still key in this world. But. Good mix of keyword its not enought nowadays.
Cover whole subject in depth.


Everything you usualy don’t see, what helps search engines figure out meaning of the content. image titles, heading tags, open graph,
site descriptions, etc.

Create shareable content in your blog.

Create interesting valuable content. Be the expert, share your insights, inspire. make sharing as easy as possible to start collecting organic backlinks.

backlink context

Search engines promote websites with lot of backlinks. AND they are focused on the backlinks from websites with similar context. High likely the visitors of similar websites will be interested in your content.

A few things i can help you with

If you planing on developing your position in internet here is few things you should pay attention to. If you need advice, just ask, we will look together at

Technical analisis

Wide spectrum data analisis, speed and quality site audits, A/B testing, Google Analitics, Seach Console, Heatmaps
help for concious data-based decision making.

Strategic planing

Well thought, and well prioritized actions will provide with the best ROI, fastest visible results, and highest satisfaction of your clients.

Satisfying results

SEO takes time. And it’s a lot of work. Years of profesional experience can quarantee the undertaken actions to bring positive results as fast a possible.

Content is the key

Psst.. will revail secret for you. Internet was invented to share informations. that is its function.
Adverisement came just after, but…
You do have something to share, right?

What this is about?

Imagine if i will intrude a word spaghetti into sentence about search engine optimisation, however spaghetti is usualy liked in apropriate situations, this spaghetti will have no contextual sense, so bots has to understand, that intruded spaghetti, have very little to do with culinary blogs, even those spaghetti centered ones. And will understand the website like this, is rather of little value, when you will search “spaghetti” in google.

And who’s this?

The more indepth your content contains the subject of your niche, and the more in this niche they mention you, the more authority you get, therefore more eagerly google algorhytms
 will present your website as the answer. Its good to be an expert, Im sure you are an expert in your field. Right?
Search engines understand the subject you are writing about, they have read the whole internet.

Write relevant content.

Cover subject in depth.

Don’t spam keywords, that hurts.

And who cares?

An important question, do you adress any important questions? Are you sure you write about things people want to read?
In a way people want to read?

And how
do you

Google Analitics,
Heatmap Analisis,
Site Audits,
Feedback Loop,
A/B testing,
ROI Analisis.