Enjoy the best design and function combined together

Practical aproach in advance material manufacturing.

Design Innovative Solutions

Rapid product cycle allows to answer quickly to the very needs of your customers.

Research & Development

We will develop solution to your needs.

Very Short product iterations

Investigate. Iterate. Improve. Faster.

Client centered Thinking

We create solutions with Your Needs & Experience in mind.

Making impossible possible. Finding simple solutions to complex challenges.

Perun Composites is an Innovative Design Agency specialised in engineering and advanced manufacturing.

Based in Warsaw, cooperate with specialists worldwide.

iinteligent approach

Perun Composites team is experienced in wide spectrum projects, materials and technologies. It allows to create solutions out of a box.

wide analisis

Computer Aided
Design, Advanced Symulations,
Rapid Prototyping, robust management, modern production technologies & quick iterations provide possibility to create elaborated solutions, in highest standards of reliability.

simple solutions

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Perun Composites is focused on creating soltions optimized in meaning of function, and also possibly realistic, economical, and enviornmetal friendly metods and possibly ease to deploy.

Reliable Standards

High standards of design, manufacturing
 and quality control
 provides for reliable products and solutions.

A few things going on there

Challenge Impossible Everyday.
Exceeding limits, estabelish new standards.
Create high reliability solutions.

Control over the full process
Reliable solutions Doors to Doors.

Computer aided product design, physical simulation, CAM, rapid prototyping, 3D mapping, intense testing. Iterative process.

Experts in wide field of manufacturing.
Interior Design. Industrial Design. Marinistics. Aviation.

 Many years of work in manufacturing created team of experienced specialists.

Experts in wide spectrum of materials and technologies.

wood, steel, carbonfibre. Always choosing the best materials and metods to provide solutions of the finest quality.

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