Unique Apartments for Rent in Warsaw

I put my best efforts into creation brand identity and user experience.
And designed website, content, logo, interior decorations.
SEO Optimized Airbnnb profile.



Luxurious rental apartments. Designed to provide the highest comfort.


Special locations in center of Warsaw. Always in culturally rich and historicaly interesting localisations.


Unique aproach to provide unique experience in Warsaw.

About HostingWarsaw

Unique apartments in Warsaw

Hosting Warsaw offers unique luxutious apartments for rent in Warsaw. Each of the apartment is located in culturaly rich and interesting localisation of Warsaw. Each apartment is also designed to provide highest comfort, inspiration, satisfaction.

About HostingWarsaw

Most cozy hosting in Warsaw.

The idea behind HostingWarsaw project is to bring spirit of Polish hospitality into experience of your stay, born of passionate interpersonal comunication to serve you with most unique experience of Warsaw.

Hosting Warsaw Apartments provide indeed unique experience of Warsaw,

HostingWarsaw is more than just luxurious apartments for rent in center of the capitol of Poland,

It’s this unique feel that’s special.

HostingWarsaw – People with pasion of communication, and love of Warsaw.
Providing apartments create experience of Warsaw.

I had great pleasure to work with HostingWarsaw project. Providing them with tools and business knowledge to help them grow business, that aims to bring Polish hosptality into Airbnb, short-term and long-term apartment rentals, and to provide international quests with the unique feel of Warsaw. Ambitious and open-hearted team of hosting warsaw is a group of fantastic people of all generations, full of passion and in love with things they are doing. They aim to do more than just rent cozy flats and apartments in warsaw, but also to connect their quests with the culture of the city, quide them to the most interesting experiences if their stays in Warsaw, propose best spots with coffee and restaurants, cultural centers, etc. So you will not feel lost in big city life of capitol of Poland. They also take unique systemical aproach towards design of they apartments, so they not only looks and feels great, but they invisibely support you with whatever you are doing in Warsaw.
 Hosting Warsaw team are passionate about what they are doing, and you can feel that. I had great pleasure in contact with them.

What i was working on with HostingWarsaw Apartments

They were there for a longer while. They were doing their thing great, yet, they wanted to do it better!
I worked over design of their brand identity, leading them
 throuout process of defining and clarifying their vision, their manifest, by asking thousands of questions, going throuout endless revisions.  We then adjusted and improved the Airbnb profile, enhancing product photography of theirs real estate, tailoring the amenities, and descriptions of their apartments offer. Then I created website, Joomla CMS based robust platform, ready to be developed further in the future. Created logo, big part of website content, translation. I also applied SEO optimizations, work on the backlinks. Synchronised website with basic statistical tools that will help them better understands needs of their clients. i was also leading their social profile for a short while. Work with the HostingWarsaw team was such a pleasure that i also decided to present to their use part of my sculptures.