Man with the Form Conversations sculpture


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Cut into uncut dime, Man with Form Conversation. Sculpture expresses the relationship between the form and the understanding of it, between the Artist and the Art itself, it symbolizes organic act of creation where things flows in unpredictable often direction, like a passionate dance of young lovers, trying to discover themselves each other. The wood of heather root is completely unpredictable material, full of story by its own, twists, eyes, flames, cracks, colors, make it passionate and very difficult material to work with, which makes it extraordinarily exciting. You as an artist cannot really force it to impose shape you demand from it, you could step down to compromises, or you can try to understand it and uncover it’s own nature. Then act of creation really take form of passionate dance, when you become flexible in hands of nature, responds to what it offers.

i decided to use just flat surfaces, polished smooth to the edge of possibility, to let each of them tell their own story,to let them speak clearly, and speak for themselves. Shape of the sculpture was completely unplanned and unknown even for me to the end of the creative process. It’s the nature that’s the artist here.

wood is raw, not painted with any kind of finish, just polished smooth like mirror.


Sculpture can be seen at private exposition in one of HostingWarsaw apartments.

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