Hand of god sculpture


Upraised towards Gods hand, in welcoming and greeting, timeless Italian gesture, vafanculo catzo, expression of the artist toward the story that brought him here, on the top of the lonely mountain of fire, through the coincidences and their consequences, to confront himself, the life, death, immortality, to ask the question, to burn doubts until only the ethernal answer stays, sustained on the edge, unspoken.

Sculpture is handmade from post fire olive wood, with smooth surface and natural finishing. Burns visible on sculptures wood comes from massive fire that burned to the bone big part of country shortly before I arrived in this area. I observed the fire from distance, while my soul burned to the bone and turned into ashes from another reasons.


Sculpture is part of collection, tho&from the temple on the mountain of fire, and expresses certain history that can be fully understood only together with the rest of the collection. Collection can be seen in private exposition in apartments HostingWarsaw.

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