WordPress is the most commonly used CMS on the market. With its marketshare of 35% websites in whole internet. Which means it have to be good product. It seem inevitable to know wordpress really well if you seriously think about webdev work.

This is direct reason why i decided to power this website by wordpress.
Let me tell you how i feel.
lost at the begining. its hard to find something good that doesnt cost money. Everything feels so comercial, with joomla there is plenty of really good free stuff. and is really easy to find it. but hey it has to be somewhere, keep looking.

the second, interface, seems more sleek and modern, most things are much more afront, easier accesible, from other hand it feels more primitive for some reason. maybe is just impression. Functions im looking for, has to be somewhere, and if not for sure there is way to add it.

Im complitely convinced that each product has its place, has its use, otherwise wouldn’t be on the market parralel to each other for so many years. WordPress seems faster to create website, from other hand most websites based on wordpress looks like website based on wordpress, maybe its just impression, maybe is exactly what klient wants. maybe is just the artistic style most companies like to follow.

I really like the “artistic freedom” of drag&drop frontend editing. frameworks like Colibri and Elementor really make your life easy. there is also a great disadvantage to it, at least in free version, i dont have access to the features i would usualy code myself in seconds. Very simple CSS elements, which appear to be “advanced premium feature, just 49.99$ right now!” kind of bullshit.

WordPress feels a little bit like it’s something in between adobe xD and joomla to me.

It feels a little bit superficial. Everything served on the silver plate for the begginers, and if you get to the point where you want to get serious, PAY FOR IT, pretty much any free extention, when it comes to woocomerce, pay for it. you want do something custom, pay for it. Its like with american ferrytale about dilers, first shot is free and easy, when you are in and dependent, pay for it.
Easy drag&drop gallery suddenly doesnt have folder management = get the plugin & you use woocomerce>> pay for pro (serio?)
easy website builder suddenly doesnt provide basic features >> pay for pro, you want to use woocomerce >> pay for pro, you want to change builder >> start from scratch >> pay for pro.

Joomla is much more under the surface, lot of systemical work to setup the website. you kind of should have in your mind what kind of system you are creating. there is lot of stuff that is not visible on the front end. stuff that your client might not see or understand importance of. For example stuff that matters from the perspective of seo results.

Its super easy to expand joomla website into massive complex portal with plenty of categories, plenty different funcions, with good customization of every single element, due to its systemical approach. even without ton of additional plugins.

well i hope i will be able to write similar things about wordpress soon. They are certainly things i learned in wordpress workflow that i would like to introduce into my joomla workflow. like the speed and comfort of work with colibri for example. for now i will continue my journey.

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