Trying to squeeze maximum performance out of your websites? I have tip for you.

There is many steps on your way to maximise SEO or performance results. Many of them are so simple and repetitive that are usualy done by some plugins, dedicated to your webpage CMS system. Its a little bit more work to apply them on custom html page, but still they are pretty straightforward. So im not gonna spend your time writing here about CSS, Javascript and image minification. [If you want you can read more about here.]

What I’m writing here about is to remove every single unnesesary bit out of your website. Start where you find most advantage can be found. Removing all styles out of html file into css clases will help remove repetetive elements of code. It will also help reduce necessary amount of bandwith, memory and processing power on device of your user. For the same reason remove all unnecessary code of your css, js, php files. Going to the extreme, You can shorten amount of bits all classes, id’s, variables contain in their names. At this point, of course, all coments are long past story. Minimise fonts! Remove all unused signs of fonts containing icons. use more optimised fonts standards.
Btw. Do you know in how many times in your tree you have overrided font of the same element? Try to minimise amount of those.
Optymise php files. if possible, minimise depth of divs structure.
Often templates give us possibility to change some elements in framework editor. If you prize performance over comfort, and treat website like a sport car, static elements like logo or favicon define in plain html.

It is often possible to optimise size of a website from 2.5-3MB to around 700kB, sustaining all features, and improging greatly page loading time.

I personaly like fast websites. Do You? Leave me the comment, And if You will need advice about Your website, just let me know.

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