A important lesson i get about human nature is to always refer to the other side self interest, and it took many years to master it.

There is alway something that drives us, that lead us, that inspire, ignite us. If you think that the money is perfect motivator, well you might misnotice many other options and possibilities. Imagine for a while there is no money, how the world would function?

There is always plenty to do, there is plenty of people, each and every one with dreams, passion, aspirations, emotions, traumas, and needs. It might be challenging to choose perfect members of your team. And of course you not gonna do everything by Your own self.

So very important is to understand deeply people you are working with to be able to understand who they really are, what moves them, what they fear and what fulfils them with self satisfaction. Then you can recognise where is perfect position, providing them with oportunities to grow, to challenge themselfs, to find support, to feel safe to learn from their mistakes, so they will have courage to go for more, to be more, to feel that they are in the right place in the right time. Then money become just a nice addition to the whole picture.

Lets be honest, most of the people are completly aware that their work time is a big part of the life they want to live with satisfaction, and without fear. They are aware of plenty alternative opportunities, mostly they know they value and if the money is the only advantage they get from working with you, they can work as well somewhere else. Its just simply enough that the numbers will become big enough.

The other advantage of people who appreciate work with You for non material reasons is they engagement. Allow them to belive in the project, give them voice, listen, let them try new things, and from time to time they will find betterments to your project, how to do things faster, where get cheaper suplies, their network become your network.

They will stay after hours to finish the project they love and they believe in, not becouse extra hours pays more. They put 105% of themselves to the things they believe in. Just let them discover that this is also their project.

They will help each other in the team, take responsibility and derive power from it. Dont be afraid to work with powerful people, they will make you powerful as well. As a good leader, be fearless, not scary, be supportive, not bossy, be responsible, that also mean accept feedback even when you make mistakes, it can do only good for you.

CONSTANTLY ADJUST, even if you think your system is perfect, important thing to remember, change in every single element of the system can complitely change the way all the elements behave. And in multiminded system every element is a system itself. Your system is also just an element of much bigger system. EVERYTHING IS INTERDEPENDENT.

LEARN TO DERIVE VALUE. CREATIVELY. Every single action is done with some aim in mind, basicaly, people want stuff, everybody want something. if You are capable of understanding what is this value person want to derive from its actions, you can design a path to achieve it. Create opportunities.
Just let them achieve their goals working with you. Working in your interest is in their interest. thats the way to create succesful and loyal team, unafraid of changing situation on the global market.
Working for you they work with you, to achieve common goals on the way.
this way you barely need any hierarchy, or control, to manage the succesful project. Remember, you manage projects, not people.

Stop with micromanagement, If you derive your self-confidence from treating people like machines, from teling them what to do to the finest details. stop it.
If you like to micromanage that means 3 things:
You dont trust them, they will want to change their job.
You dont trust yourself, pushing dopamine to your brain by telling others what to do will not change it, will change you into dopamine junkie.
You are not doing what you suppose to do. You should focus on high priority, high responsibility, strategic tasks, let them do their work best they can, and focus on the work afront of you.

and at the end, a small thought to meditate through.
Trust is the only currency.

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