Attitude You probably shall adopt. Kaizen. You can treat it like philosophy of every action. introduce it to the way you look at the world, the way you filter reality.

lets put it like this:

Kaizen is extremely efficient solution in every process in every system, it simply mean to improve every single small detail all the time, all this small changes are easy to find, easy to introduce, and easy to maintain. Our mind refuses revolutions, (unless until we are really pissed off, but then things anyway often slowly shift back to what it was before) they are quite unpredictable, and many people in your team will feel insecure with them. They also doesn’t guarantee success. We just like to think big about changes.

improve EVERYTHING! Imagine: It might be that adding small shelf in kitchen in your restaurant will improve workflow and increase your revenue.

You never have time for books, start listening to audiobooks when in travel.
learn languages in elevator. Your business is a system, that mean everything is interdependent. change of one element might change the way the other elements behave. They are always bottlenecks to look for, you can always find some small details that matter.

One great man told me once the words, which his grandfather told him many years ago. And i find great wisdom in it. Whatever You do, You HAVE TO do it better. Its not an advice, its not a fancy, its an order. Its not becouse we get more skillful doing things again. Its becouse we are human. Thinking beings. becouse when doing the same thing again we can find better solution, giving us better result. And because we can, we should. We have to.

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