It really is your fault, whatever happened, or whatever not happened.
Just to you know all the responsibility for the success of the project lays in your hands. but also remember that:


It’s all the people working in your team, cooperating, supporting each other, doing all the heavy work that did it. Let them celebrate and celebrate with them, it’s a great team, it’s your team, be proud of them, you did it together.

To be honest, it is quite likely possible, that without your managing, the project would not succed, yet to be frank with you, without them working heavy, the project would not succed for sure. And yes, the team comes to you every single minute, asking for something, ordering something, reporting something, problems, lacks, issues, doubts, conflicts, succeses, finalized tasks, suspended tasks, returned tasks, deadlines, motivation burnouts, overexcitement, personal issues, and so on, so on, im sure you know what im talking about. It really is a highly intense job to be a project manager. from other hand you are just a small metal ball rolling left and right to balance the scale and avoid the whole house of cards to collapse.

Let me draw an picturesque example, You are on a big concert, stage, lights, bands, 2 walls of massive loud speakers on a side. Bands on the stage and thousands of people around. Someone managed soundsystems there. if he f*cked his work up, people aroud says “such a horrible sound, who set this speakers that bad“, but if he made his job perfectly, great frequency balance, great acoustic setting, lights goes well with the sound, people says “Such a great band was playing today, i really love their music”.


Let me tell you few tips to deal with it. Management is highly intense thing to do. It’s stressful, it’s exciting. I do really love it, allways new challenges, new adventures, i could not imagine myself doing the same thing over and over. The thing itself rewards me enought, i dont need to feel more important than my team, this way i can be closer with them, and do my thing even better.
I realised somewhere on the way that “stressful” and “exciting” is the same coin, seen from 2 different perspectives (“we can do that”|”i dont believe we will manage”).
You yourself need to stay in balance, be open, talk with your team, believe in them, invest in them, understand them, protect them. Dont be affraid to say “No” to the client if needed, dont be afraid to say “No” to your team if needed. Negotiating look for the most benefiting everyone options. ask thousand questions. Milions if needed. Dont stand on any sides. Just stand still like post in the ground and observe everything, listen, react when needed.

When there is nothing to react to, great! you make your job fantasticaly well then. Dont look where to find something to do, look into the future.

You dont want to prove your position by your actions, it will come naturally, as an outcome of the results.

Constantly educate yourself, get to know everything about everything, learn to connect dots in creative way. Evey single day i encounter usefulness of the knowledge.

Be compasionate, be decided.

The one thing you want to be sure of, is that the people feels comfortable to tell you everything, so you will not run into situation where there is problem, that everybody knows about, but you.

If something went wrong it is your fault, but dont blame yourself on that, just fix it and move on. if somebody didnt did something, that means: you didnt explain it well enough to be understood, you misnoticed something, you didn’t send someone with help or didnt helped yourself, you didn’t took proper care of the space, tools, motivation, morale, didn’t react in the right time, didnt ensured supplies, didnt managed dependencies, designated wrong person to the task, etc. something had hapend, you were in charge. it is inevitably your fault. you are the captain. Dont blame yourself to much, dont blame anybody else, that is not your job, jour job is to find optimal solution to solve the issue. get experience, improve, move on.

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