You are doing something. Everybody does. Some people does it faster. Check how they are doing it.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, somebody did it already, for you, to use it.

If you dont know how to do something, natural reaction should be to check it out. We born curious creatures, let’s keep it like this. Start thinking about things, you think you know, that you probably don’t. World is evolving quickly, all the time people invent new ways to do things better, faster, cheaper, more efficient. Before you attempt certain action, make research, look for the best practices, innovations, tips and tricks, then synthesize solution suitable for you.

If 1-5minut research can improve how you do things, can save you time, every next time you will do it again, you will be saving a lot of time. Quite likely you will also improve the quality on the way.

There is no explanation for you to don’t know something, no excuses, you are reading this words from the greatest gateway of knowledge. Internet is always with you. Grab your phone, computer, tablet and look for solutions. Soon you will discover the most efficient ways of finding necessary informations, to achieve your goals in the most efficient and succesful ways. Just have courage to be curious.

And if you find new ways, new solutions, share them! This way you help the others, this way the whole mankind makes tiny tiny step forward.

There is no excuse, there are others who do research, make stuff, create value, share knowledge. They are constantly developing they performance. If you don’t You will loose your advantages soon, you might become obsolete solution.

So be friend with the keyword “how to” on youtube and you will be surprised of the results. This is the place i recommend to start with. With time you will have your own collection of informational sources specific to area of your interest, you will soon develop skills of finding the exact information, exactly when you need it.

In the past scholar system was based on memorising facts, dates etc. it could have been useful, while you would not have immediate access to all the knowledge existing on the planet. You spend lot of extra time memorising stuff with hope that one day will appear useful. It also cased inefficiency of wasting time for obtaining informations you might possibly never use, just for any case.

World changed. Now we are cyborgs, always with smartphone conected to network. Now you can reach any single, necessary information in a blink. The exact information You need here and now. Now you need to know how to connect dots, how to GET the information you need, when you need, TO USE IT to do what you want to do, EXACTLY WHEN you are DOING SOMETHING. that’s much more efective. And your saved time spend with family, they will enjoy your presence.

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