This post have nothing to do with your body shape obviousely. It’s about Ways of thinking, strategies of management, and about your business, how to having less, make less, to achieve more, wasting less time and resourcess.

Lean management is not really a new term, yet still many people never heard about it. I also didn’t up to few years ago, when i start experimenting with innovative technics of management. From that time it proved itself useful, to shorten product cycle, to create products corresponding more to the clients needs, wasting less time and less resources on the way.

Lean roots in Japan. It was developed in Japanese Toyota factory, as a way to optimise car production lines, and its first leading thoughts comes from somewhat after second world war. It was’t notticed by many years outside of japan mostly becouse wasn’t documented up to 1977.

Adopting metodology Lean can bring plenty great advantages for your business.

Increased flexibility and responsiveness in quickly changing world is one of them. Actualy if you think about it, many companys adapting lean, and other modern, efficient management techniques in your niche will continue to transform the way things look and work, to the point where old way of toing things might become obsolete.

Decreased cost of doing business allowes many new players on the stage, Lean is great for startups, becouse give you tools to learn quickly, commit mistakes cheaper, and change direction faster, when needed.

btw. Startups tries many new innovations, and even if some doesn’t succed for any reasons, this ones that do, commonly revolutionize how market work, if you are big corporation, maybe you should create some innovation startup department? Lean is great for that.

Lean helps you optimize standarized processes to decrease cost, losses, time, necessary infrastructure, materials, increase quality of work, quality of product, speedup product cycle, increase satisfaction of your clients, grow effective two directional communication with your clients.

Lean management brings many advantages for your clients. They get more elaborated, more customized product corresponding better with their needs, better quality of service, they fell important to you, they feel someone is listening to their needs. They can get improvements faster, they can get better tailored offer.

Ways to achieve that:

Minimum viable product – The way to test things, deliver first minimaly satysfying version of product as fast you can, test it, ask your clients, learn from it, iterate, improve, loop it.

Kanban – Metodology of sending signals between separated units to keep track on current status of the process.

Visual management – presenting in clear visual way important informations about the process.

5 rules of lean managements

specify value – try to determine what client define as a value in your product or service.
it might be sometimes difficult at first becouse sometimes client himself doesnt really knows what exactly is the most important, he usualy just feels what is nice, then by iterations you can verify reality. if you define that, you can stop doing things that actualy doesn’t bring value to your client.

identify the value stream – follow the river of goods and actions that bring the ultimate value to your client and eliminate waste. look through all the actions and steps needed to supply, produce and deliver your product into hands of your clients, identify empty runs, error points, bottlenecks, uneconomical usage of resources, find more efficient alternatives, aply them.

flow – optimize flow of your value stream to make it most smooth, undisrupted, throughout all the stages of the process, eliminate oversupply, undersupply, optimize machining/production time, eliminate idling time.

pull – products and services shall be delivered based on client need, exactly when client needs, in quantity client needs, Supply tempo have to be adjusted to the real market demand. Clients request activate process of production, where each step is activated based on real needs on every single stage of the process. Aim is to not create overproduction based on preasumptions of prognosed needs, as in older “push” production strategies. Market needs changes quickly and plastic islands on the ocean are big enough. Ford wasnt right that every color is good as long as its black.

continuous improvement – Kaizen – constantly improve every single small detail of the process.

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