Time management is a fancy term nowadays, everybody want to have more time, make more things, earn more money… We basicaly want more and more. once again.

And i think is good, until we find more balance in life, waste less resources, get more satisfied.

Let me tell you few tricks how to be productive, effective, satisfied, and dont get tired.

Update of subconsciousness programs might be one of them.

I personally always had slightly different sense of time. one day feels like a second, weeks feels like months, years like a week. For me day has 36 hours, there is always to many things and to few thinks in the same time. But i like it! This feel of accomplishment, of next project, next achievement are great motivation.

Time speeds up and slows down, goes like a rollercoaster, sometime freezes for a moment, very precious moments. Time is not a linear process. Time is the only thing you will not have more than you already have. Remember that – All time in your life is the only time you will have in your life.

This is not an advice, this is your new sacred law, no discus, no excuse, do it! Tremendous amount of things i achieved just by this rule.
And it removes all dissatisfaction of yourself, that you feel commonly after you excuse yourself.

Is the choices that maters. Every choice have alternative cost. Of the choices you didn’t make. My time is extremely important to me. every second. so i want to live every of them to the fullest.

Money is time. in this order. They wanted your time, so they give you money, if you buy it, you will always work for money. Don’t buy, sell! money=possibilities so use your money, save your time, outsource everything you can so you can do things you want and you have the biggest advantage.

Ask yourself WHY? Why actualy you want spend your precious time on something, is it inevitable, important, you have to, you want to? Do you really need it? If not, don’t do it.

You know why good is better than perfect? it exist. Im sure you have heard about point of diminishing returns, after which every next unit of time will give less and less results. Prioritize, balance load, remove bottlenecks, don’t overkill, don’t perfect things endlessly.

Do it, before you do it. Imagine doing certain thing in your head first. Toroughly. All the way through. With all the details. Its gonna take max few minuts anyway. You will be suprised how much faster You will acomplish the real thing. And You will not get lost, there will be a map in your mind guiding you throu the process, You will be more prepared to deal with random events, will be easier to keep track of things, you can easier explain others what you are doing, easier delegete tasks. And usualy you will achieve better results on the way.

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