Arkadiusz Zefirski, Designer.
Developer, profesional artist, project manager, communication specialist.. Enterpreneur.


Privately, passionate musician, philosophist, mad scientist & mad nomad,
thinker, futurist.

Im participating to the projects, im beliving in, developing my own ideas. Im also supporting business with expertise in wide field of management, development, optimisation, marketing, communication, research & innovation.

Arkadiusz Zefirski, simply curious man.

All my time is my free time, im a free man all and all.
I hate waste my time, therefore i prize efficiency.

I’m traveling nomad, living all around the planet.
Every hour is a good hour.
Contact ASAP.

Participate with


Advanced manufacturing, rapid prototyping. CAD design.


Interior design, User Experience.
Marketing strategy.


Innovative Design Studio
product design, process design, business design.